Don't let the word scare you. Hydroponics just means that instead of soil, plants are grown in water. With modern technology, this can make it much easier for anyone to grow a plant anywhere, without spending too much time, money or energy. Here we highlight some of the features of a great hydroponics system you can buy online!

inBloom's Hydroponics 

Growing System

Key Features of inBloom's Hydroponics Growing System:

Compact Design

Tailored for city living, this 5-pod hydroponics system is thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen, home, windowsill, or tabletop.

Scientifically Calibrated Lighting

Enhance photosynthesis with finely tuned LED bulbs, providing 20% more red light to optimize plant growth yield.

Large Water Tank

The 2.5L water tank allows roots ample space to grow, while the intelligent water pump ensures consistent oxygen delivery at the root level.

All-Season Gardening

Enjoy the flexibility of cultivating herbs indoors throughout the year, free from the constraints of seasonal changes.

A Sustainable Choice

Crafted with recycled and bio-based plastics, inBloom prioritizes minimal environmental impact.

Setting up your hydroponics system is a breeze with the inBloom kit. The compact yet efficient design ensures you can start your herb garden in no time. The scientific calibration of LED lighting not only maximizes growth yield but also transforms your growing space into an aesthetically pleasing display.

Your inBloom Hydroponics Growing System includes 5 grow baskets, domes, grow sponges, rods, stickers, and 1 A&B solid nutrient. This nutrient solution eliminates the need for mixing; just add it to the water, and your plants will thrive. Please note that seeds are not included.

inBloom's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the thoughtfulness put into their hydroponics system. With easy assembly, efficient design, and a focus on sustainability, it's a brand that stands out in the market.

Embark on a journey of sustainable living, enhanced flavors, and the joy of nurturing life with inBloom's Hydroponics Growing System. Elevate your meals, surround yourself with greenery, and take control of your well-being by growing your herbs at home. Embrace the green revolution – start your herb garden today!